About Us

Welcome to Study Text International

Welcome to Study Text International

Study Text International is an international education consultant organization in Nigeria that have partnered with universities in the USA, UK, Canada, United Arab Emirate, Ireland, Cyprus, Australia, Sweden and in other European countries to offer the best services. We know the importance of quality education, so we have taken out time to select reputable universities that are ranked among the best. With highly experienced and skilled professional in our team, we have successfully placed students into Foundation, A-Level, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate programs in these region.

We are here to assist you in processing your application for your desired undergraduate or post graduate programme. Our well trained consultants will ensure that you find the right school, accommodation and assist you in settling your ticket booking.

Explore our website for further information and please feel free to contact us at our office address, via email or phone number. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Who Are We

We are an International education consultant organization.


Our Mission

Our mission is simply get you to a desired study destination.

What We Do

We facilitate study application into any of our partnered schools for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. We offer Visa counselling, Ticket Booking and Hotel reservation. 

Our history

We deliver without fail to all our clients.

Why choose us?

We  make sure your Visa scales through by counselling you properly.

We are always available to talk to you and answer all your questions during and after working hours.

Besides caring and supporting you, what we care most about are results. We focus more on the results because we have an obligation to our clients which drives us to work harder in order to see you satisfied with the results we present, rather than the process.

Our team of experts are not just there for the show, they are well trained to treat you like family, support you and assist you throughout and even after the process.

Each and evey  member of the team is well-trained on the field of expertise and have gained a minimum of 3 years of experience on the job.

Would you like to Study Abroad?

If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place, we are certified partners with over 40 universities and colleges in 10 different countries and in different continents of the world. All you need to do to is start the process by giving us a call today and we will handle the rest for you.